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Due to its extremely important position in the center of the main sea routes, history has left many traces on Hvar, perhaps more than on any other Adriatic island. The constant struggles for supremacy that have been waged in this area between the various invaders are only a confirmation of the significance and value that this territory has had since ancient times.

The first evidence of life in this area dates back to prehistoric times, when the discovery of painted pottery in Marko and Grapčeva Caves defined a separate Hvar culture. It is interesting that the oldest representation of a ship in Europe was found on fragments of a vessel from Grapcheva shpilja.

Today, Hvar is often called the "Croatian St-Tropez", and is one of the most popular Croatian islands. The town of Hvar has become a major destination for entertainment from all over the world. One of the main features of Hvar is sunlight. The island of Hvar is blessed with 2718 hours of sunshine a year, which makes it the sunniest Croatian island.

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Island of Hvar
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City of Hvar
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City of Hvar
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Island of Hvar
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Island of Hvar
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City of Hvar
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For me it is one of the most picturesque islands in Croatia with good infrastructure.
Hvar is a must-see for every adventure lover and renaissance art enthusiast. I greatly enjoyed the serenity at the island's cathedrals, especially during sunsets. The glorious evenings are some of my most memorable moments.
I had a nice time taking strolls in the island's beautiful streets and lit squares. The locals sit in the beautiful terraces and sidewalks and it was nice talking with them over a cup of coffee enjoying the deep tranquility.
The island has some very cool places to enjoy solitude. I particularly enjoyed visiting the old monasteries and quietly sat lost in my thoughts. I left feeling very recharged and ready to take on the world.
Hvar Island has some eerie vibe like you are stepping back in time especially with the clock towers and pieces of architecture dating back to the 1500s. I really learned a lot about ancient history from the knowledgeable guides.
Hvar island boasts of some terrific fortresses and castles with large displays of historical artifacts. I especially enjoyed the picture-perfect steep stairways ascending to the castles. I cherish every moment I spent on this sunny island.
I had the time of my life at the island's beaches. The glassy blue Adriatic sea waters are so clear that people on the beach look like they are suspended in the air. I Can't wait to book another trip.