Top 10 Beaches on the Island of Hvar


The Island of Hvar has become a top tourist destination and is visited every summer by many tourists from around the world. It is an island with a long history, rich cultural and historical heritage, and beautiful beaches.

The island of Hvar offers an enjoyment of the crystal clear sea, lush Mediterranean vegetation, numerous beaches and coves. Hvar is also the sunniest Croatian island, with as many as 2718 hours of sunshine a year.

Top 10 beaches that guarantee you an unforgettable summer vacation on the Island of Hvar:

1. Zarache Beach - Below the old abandoned hamlet of Zarache, located on top of a rock, there is a beautiful deep bay with a large pebble beach. For lovers of underwater marine life here are some very interesting picturesque areas. There are several restaurants here. You can come here by car or boat.

2. Milna Beach - The village and the bay of Milna are 4 km east of the town of Hvar. There are 2 pebble beaches and a picturesque pine forest with agave trees and vineyards. Milna is one of the oldest excursion places in the town of Hvar, founded since the beginning of tourism in Hvar.

3. Banj Beach - Pebble beach located on the north side of the bay Stari Grad, is suitable for small children and suitable for people with disabilities. Restaurants can be found nearby, and sun loungers can be rented for relaxing and sunbathing on the beach.

4. Pokonji Dol beach - Pokonji dol is definitely a Croatian coastal beauty. The place is a paradise on earth, but the full experience is provided by a restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine not far from the beach. The food is truly exceptional and the view from the terrace is breathtaking.

5. Dubovica Beach - Dubovica Bay is a 10-minute drive from Hvar. You park on the road and go down the goat path to the beach for 10-15 minutes. Below you will find a beautiful bay with crystal clear sea, the church of St. Stephen from the 17th century and several old summer villas.

6. Sveta Nedjelja Beach - Sveta Nedjelja is 12 km east of Hvar, which is best reached by car. Along the coast are beautiful beaches, as well as restaurants and guesthouses, so here you can enjoy the peace and blessings of nature.

7. Mala Stiniva Beach - Near the town of Jelsa on the island of Hvar there is a small stone bay Mala Stiniva. The original Mediterranean atmosphere of the clear sea in contact with the rocks and the smell of salt felt in the air will surely enchant you.

8. Galesnik Island - The first in a series of Pakleni Islands, at the very entrance to the port of Hvar, is the small island of Galesnik. On the island, there is a former military fortress that has been converted into a top restaurant where you will enjoy top wines and gastronomic delights with a magnificent view of the old town of Hvar and the port of Hvar. The island offers many rocky places to enjoy the sea.

9. Palmizana Beach - Palmizana Beach is located on the island of Klement (Paklinski Islands) near Hvar. The bay with a pine forest in the background is rocky with pebbles, and there are top restaurants here. The island of Klement can be reached by private or taxi boat from the town of Hvar.

10. Stipanska Beach - Stipanska Beach is a beautiful nudist beach located on one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic - Paklinski Islands, more precisely on the small island of Marinkovac. Stipanska has a pebble and rocky appearance that offers complete privacy and the opportunity to enjoy a vacation away from the summer crowds. The beach can be reached by private or taxi boat from the town of Hvar.


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The Island of Hvar is made up of several beaches. Through the guide, I was able to learn about the features of the various beaches. I toured six of the ten beaches and they were really beautiful. The beaches were really clean and they had different activities. I had a relaxing moment touring this beaches.
A walk on the pebbled beach of Banj was a source of inspiration for me.The beach minded about the people with disabilities by providing the beach matts and wheelchairs which makes it suitable for the people with disabilities as stated in the guide. This is one of my unforgettable moments.
Breathtaking views of the sea and the beautiful landscape as we enjoyed the hot temperatures of the sun. I loved the experience at the beach and went sunbathing. Unforgettable moments at the beaches and lovely place to be at. The guide was fantastic to me
very good!!!
The pine forest and agave trees surrounding the Milna Beach give it a picturesque ambiance. The guide explained the different vegetation growing in this location and best spots for relaxing along the beach. I took numerous pictures for my friends and colleagues.
I discovered the pebble beach through the guide, Its beauty was stunning. I enjoyed swimming in the clear waters and sunbathing on this Island. I also went snorkeling and boat cruising at Zarache Beach and the experience was superb.
The guide was detailed in the deep marine experience offered in the Zarache Beach. My cousin and I had the best time going for a deep dive and enjoying the vast and beautiful marine life in this location.