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Opatija is located near the big city " Rijeka", on the beautiful Adriatic Sea. This charming seaside town has a rich history and culture,  many fantastic locations, impressive monuments, landscaped parks and magnificent villas which waiting to be discovered and explored.

Every year, tourists from all over the world come on holiday to this historically important resort. During the visit you will enjoy a beautiful nostalgic ambience with beautiful buildings and villas whose history dates back to the Habsburg era. Also, the romantic Opatija places has many gastronomic and etnological delights typical of the area.

In this tourist guide we show you the best things to explore in Opatija:

 1. Helios & Selena fountain- Selena is the goddess and personification of the Moon, and Helios is Selena's brother. Namely, the fountain represents the Sun and the Moon, the personification of mythological characters of brother and sister. The fountain is the work of the famous sculptor Hans Rathautski from Graz.

2. Opatija market - Favorite place of locals. Here you can buy fruits and vegetables grown in the gardens of the Opatija hinterland, as well as honey, cheese and other local products, and fresh Adriatic fish in the fish market.

3. Juraj Shporer Art Pavilion - It was built in 1900 for the then joint stock company Quarnero from Vienna, and was extended in 1908. The pavilion is named after Juraj Matija Šporer, a doctor and a great promoter of the idea of ​​Opatija as a sea spa.

4.Church of the Annunciation - better known among the locals as the "Great Church" or the "German Church", is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of the Opatija panorama on Nova street.  It has adorned Opatija for many years with its external beauty and imposingness.

5.Swiss house- originally built for the basic needs of park workers and the eponymous villa Angiolina. Today, the Swiss House is one of the most important exhibition spaces in Opatija, which is visited in large numbers by tourists and locals.

6. Carmen Sylve Promenade -  a beautiful forest promenade which is located a little further from the sea. While walking, you will come across a lookout point built on the Rock of Queen Elizabeth - the Small Fortress. It offers a beautiful panoramic view.

7.Croatian Street of Fame - The only such and the first street in Croatia. The project was launched at the end of 2005 by the Apriori komunikacije agency with the aim of symbolically rewarding people who have contributed to the promotion of Croatia in the world through their sports, scientific, cultural or artistic work.

8.St. Jacob park - Located in the center of Opatija, Park of St. Jakov is a striking postcard of this beautiful city. Groomed green lawns and the harmony of colorful flowers are the perfect addition to the beautiful church of St. Jacob.

9.American gardens - This historic park is a valuable intangible cultural asset that has been under preventive protection since April 11, 2016 due to a variety of endemic plant species brought in from all parts of the world.

10.Lungomare promenade - The promenade of Francis Joseph I, better known as Lungomare, connects the picturesque town of Volosko and Opatija. Beautifully landscaped trails will take you to the most beautiful beaches in Opatija, famous sights such as the Park and Villa Angiolina and the statue of the Girl with the Seagull. Get to know the charms of magnificent old villas and see spectacular examples of top 19th century architecture as you stroll along the sea.

11. Madonna del Mare - Namely, the Kesselstadt family had a stone statue of the Madonna placed on a rock in the sea on behalf of all the loving couples who ended tragically.

12.The Girl with the Seagull -Undoubtedly the most famous statue in Opatija, the girl with the seagull is one of the great tragic symbols of the Kvarner Bay. The tragedy dates back to 1891 when a local count named Arthur Kesselstadt lost his life in a spring storm. His family was devastated and remembered this statue.

13. Villa Angiolina - Opatija was once a resort for higher social classes, and Villa Angiolina was at the center of that crowd. Built in 1844, it hosted legendary guests such as Ban Josip Jelachich and Emperor Franz Joseph, but today it houses the Museum of Croatian Tourism and the memory of the glorious past.

14. Opatija portico - Opatija portico is certainly the oldest port in Opatija, located in front of the church of St. Jakov and the Juraj Shporer pavilion. In the past, Portić was the place of departure of traditional excursion boats - Opatija's barcajolas.

15. Miroslav Krleza monument - One of the many important monuments in Opatija, made in memory of Miroslav Krlezha - the most important Croatian writer and intellectual of the 20th century.


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Thanks to the guide, we had the opportunity of visiting the Madonna del Mare and enjoyed the sight of the statues and 10 of the 15 locations on the guide.



The sight of the rich flora on the American gardens in Opatija was blossoming and the guide was crucial in the tour to most of the 15 places indicated on the guide.
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