15 interesting places to visit in Rijeka


The third-largest city in Croatia - Rijeka, is a modest destination somewhat less popular among tourists than cities like Dubrovnik and Split, but that only makes it "more real" to experience.

Rijeka is a city where you can soak up and learn about Croatian everyday life: you can hang out with locals over a cup of coffee, try local gastronomic delicacies on Korzo or shop like a real Rijeka local at the lively Central Market.

Spend time wandering its many old streets and avenues with beautiful 18th century houses and buildings.

Rijeka is not primarily a tourist-oriented city, which is actually part of its charm: in Rijeka you will have dinner, drink and dance with the locals, and experience first-hand the indigenous coastal life.

Accordingly, we bring you a list of the most interesting places you can enjoy on your trip:

1. Trsat Castle - The castle is located on a hill above the city and has been there since the 13th century. The legend has it that it is protected by legendary creatures named Basilisk. Today you will find a gallery inside together with an underground exhibition that used to be a castle dungeon.

2. Rijeka Tunnel - a massive pedestrian tunnel built by the Italian army during the war. Located in the center of Rijeka, it stretches 350 meters below Rijeka's Old Town.

3. City Market - a favorite destination of locals, but also of visitors and tourists who want to experience the indigenous coastal life, products and traditions.

4. Korzo - For exploring the center of Rijeka, it is best to start with the pedestrian street Korzo. Stretching through the city center, on Korzo you will find some of Rijeka's most impressive buildings and main sights. There’s a lot to see as you walk, but the two places that jump out are the Venetian-looking town hall and the City Clock Tower.

5. Breakwater - Construction of the breakwater 1700 meters long began in 1872, and today it serves as a kind of coastal promenade very popular among locals and tourists.

6. Rijeka Cathedral (Cathedral of St. Vitus) - is a Baroque building, based on a unique round floor plan in the heart of old Rijeka. The original building, begun by Giacomo Briano, a famous Jesuit architect in 1638, was built on top of an even older building and took more than 100 years to complete, to finally be completed in 1744.

7. Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral - For four decades, one of the most important crossroads of culture and history in the city. It is located beautifully in the Governor's Palace.

8. City Clock - one of the main symbols of recognizability of Rijeka, originally made as a passable tower to enter the city.

9.  Peek & Poke Museum - Named Peek & Poke, it is the first Croatian museum of computers and IT equipment. The founders call it the Retro Computer Club. 

10. Archaeological park - built in the middle of the 3rd century as the last line of defense of the center of the Roman Empire, today open as a site to the public.

11. Stairs of Petar Kruzhich - originally made as a set of 128 steps that led to Trsat. The rest (a total of 539 steps) were constructed later and today are representative and the shortest way to Trsat.

12. Vladimir Nazor Park - beautifully landscaped park/promenade where you can relax with the sound of fountains and swans.

13. Torpedo Museum - The Torpedo Museum in Rijeka will show you the concept behind torpedo plus, you will see some really great exhibits that will make you want to be a torpedoist at some point in your life. The Torpedo Museum is the first in the world to present this ingenious invention from the 19th century.

14. Astronomical Center Rijeka - the first and only astronomical center in Croatia that unites the observatory and the planetarium. The center is protected as a cultural heritage of Croatia.

15. The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - a place that must be visited by every lover of modern art. Located in an old 19th-century tobacco factory, the Museum organizes exhibitions and events throughout the year to bring contemporary art closer to the public.



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