The 16 Best Things to Do in Zadar


Zadar is one of the liveliest and most fascinating cities on the Adriatic. Obsessed with history, but with a dynamic cultural life, you will have a real local experience in Zadar. Going out on the Adriatic and enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, the old town of Zadar in Croatia is almost full of heritage.

 Want to go to the beach? Zadar has beautiful beaches. Are you a history buff? Zadar offers many sights interwoven with a rich history. Do you like to see architectural details? Zadar will not disappoint with the Roman ruins in the entire Old Town.

 Keep reading and you will have a full itinerary with these suggestions for sightseeing in Zadar:

1. Zadar market - is one of the most important, traditional places of urban life in Zadar where you can feel first hand the Zadar lifestyle and buy locally grown groceries and handmade souvenirs.

2. Small Arsenal - Protected cultural monument and part of the medieval castle built in the 18th century. Today, it is a popular starting point for getting to know and touring the fortification system in Zadar.

3. Sphinx - located in front of Villa Attilia. It hides a beautiful love story between her husband Giovanni Simrich and Attila Spinede de Catneis, to whom the sphinx was made in honor. 4. Square of five wells - a symbol of water supply and water supply created during the Ottomans. Visitors will also find the remains of an aqueduct that served as a aqueduct from Lake Vrana.

4. Square of five wells - a symbol of water supply and water supply created during the Ottomans. Visitors will also find the remains of an aqueduct that served as a water supply system from Lake Vrana.  

5. Queen Jelena Park - The first public city park, designed by botanist Franz Ludwig von Welden, which celebrates the fragrant and beautiful Dalmatian flora.

6. Church and monastery of St. Francis of Assisi-The oldest Gothic church with a monastery in Dalmatia of beautiful architecture and details with a magnificent treasury that you can visit.

7. Church and monastery of St. Mary- Benedictine monastery of recognizable appearance located in 1066. History is closely related to the noblewoman Chika, whose tomb is located in the church.

8. National square - The center of Zadar life that got its shape in the Middle Ages. Numerous sights and buildings of beautiful architectural design are visible on the square.

9. Kalelarga street- The main and liveliest street in Zadar with a long history, created during the Roman Empire. A favorite promenade for locals and tourists with numerous attractions and popular sights.

10.City walls-Built in the 16th century as a Venetian defensive and safe haven of the city, and today are a favorite promenade of all visitors. The walls have retained their original shape throughout these centuries.  

11. Cathedral of St. Anastasia - a monumental Romanesque building, named after the Srijem martyr who was worshiped by two popes in Zadar; Alexander III who visited her tomb in 1177, and Pope John Paul II. who bowed in front of the front door of the cathedral in 2003.

12. Church of St. Donatus - Built on the remains of the Roman Forum in the 9th century, and has retained its original form to this day. Today it is one of the recognizable symbols of Zadar and a favorite place for concerts and other cultural and artistic events. 

 13. Greeting to the Sun - an extraordinary installation by Croatian author Nikola Basic made of 300 photosensitive glass panels that absorb daylight and turn into a unique light show at night. 

 14. Sea Organ- Designed by architect Nikola Basic and opened in April 2005, the Sea Organ records the movement of waves and transforms them into music that is unique in the world. 

 15.Zadarska riva ( promenade )-a place that has always had the main word in life of city of Zadar-a popular promenade for socializing and various gatherings on the most beautiful coast of the Adriatic.

16.Forum- is located in front of the church of St. Donatus, a cult place in Zadar imbued with the history of the ancient Romans in parts that are visible today. 

 Don’t forget to take a picture of each of the places you’ve visited and make sure you share your impressions with us in the comments.


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The guide carefully explained the romantic history behind the building of the Sphinx. I enjoyed learning about Giovanni, who built it outside his home, Villa Attila, to honor the memory of his love Attila after she died. I will narrate the story to my husband.
Touring this town was a magical experience. The guide really assisted me in pinpointing the places to visit in Zadar. I loved this town.
We had several places to visit on a specific day and the guide was helpful in planning and the best places we could visit on the day. We started with a visit at the small arsenal and ended up at the Kalelarga Street through some of other places. It was an enjoyable day and we loved every bit of it.
Walking through the busy stalls of Zadar market, and viewing, the organic and fresh vegetables, and fruits was a revitalizing experience. The guide helped in explaining the indigenous vegetables and fruits that were sold in this location. I bought some of them for my personal consumption.
My visit to the Cathedral of St Anastacia was an awesome experience, the views inside are breathtaking. I loved how the guide was detailed in its explanation, i experienced exactly what the guide said. It is truly one of the liveliest and most fascinating cities on the Adriatic.
very good!!!
This guide has the most interesting places and activities to take part in while in Zadar. Thanks to the guide I was able to locate various places such as the sea organ and Greeting to the Sun. This places were very unique. Their creativity was really perplexing. I enjoyed every moment in this town.