Interesting places to visit on the island of Pag


The island of Pag is one of the most famous summer resorts in Croatia. It is extremely popular among both domestic and foreign tourists. Lace and cheese handmade by local craftsmen are real symbols of the island. Tourists visit Pag throughout the year. In summer it is popular among lovers of beach holidays and hiking, while in the winter months tourists visit the Fairy Winter Carnival. Hiking routes through picturesque areas are extremely popular among tourists in summer. The coast is also amazing and diverse with many natural sights located along the popular beaches. For lovers of active vacation, the best thing is to visit the island of Pag in summer. The popular resort offers a variety of entertainment during this period, so active travelers will not be disappointed.

We bring you a list of the most interesting places to visit and explore on this lunar island:

1. Old Town - The Old Town of Pag is located a kilometer away from the historic core of Pag. Once upon a time, the Old Town was a large and rich town, fortified with strong walls. In the Old Town there are numerous remains of walls and houses, remains of roads and fortifications, but the best-preserved are parts of the Franciscan monastery and the Romanesque church of St. Mary.

2. Katina Bridge - a new bridge connecting the new Pag with Prosik replaced the concrete bridge built in the early 20th century. Today's bridge is a slightly modified replica of the old Venetian bridge built in 1737 according to the designs of the famous Venetian architect Giambattista Lodoli.

3. Skrivanat Tower - the only remaining of the nine towers that together with the ramparts once surrounded the city.

4. 15th Meridian - the island of Pag is located in such a geographical position that it is intersected by the 15th meridian of eastern longitude. Organized by the City of Pag, the road and the environment around the 15th meridian mark in Pag have been tidied up.

5. Sveti Vid Peak - Sveti Vid is the highest peak on the island of Pag, and is located just above the Bay of Pag. At the top is a concrete geodetic pillar and the remains of the old chapel of St. Vidus, after which the peak was named.

6. Congregational Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the Church of the Assumption of Mary in Pag is located on the main town square and is the most valuable monument of sacred architecture in Pag.

7. City Walls - Until the middle of the 19th century, the city of Pag was surrounded by large and beautiful walls with defensive towers. Inside the walls, you can see traces of former walls, roads, fortifications, houses. The people of Rab and Zadar often clashed on Pag.

8. Benedictine Monastery - the construction of the monastery of Pag Benedictine nuns began immediately  after the new town of Pag was established. The monastery church of the Annunciation of Mary was completed in 1483. The construction of the chapel of St. Nicholas was done by the famous master Giorgio da Sebenico, and later by his apprentice Radmilo Alegreti. The chapel has been completely restored in accordance with its original condition and is the most valuable architectural monument of the Gothic-Renaissance style in Pag.

9. St. George Lookout - the peak of St. George is located on a hill north of the town of Pag. Already from a distance, you can spot it because of the square structure at the top. Many historians believe that this place was a hillfort, a settlement of Neolithic man, but the researcher Petar Ferdebar in his book "Hyperia" states that the top of St. George was the sanctuary of the goddess Athena.

10. Church of St. Francis - the historic church of St. Francis is located in the northern part of the old town of the island of Pag. Also, in the church concerts of classical music organized by Nina and Lovro Pogorelic are held during the Pag Cultural Summer. This is the most important and most attractive part of the Pag Summer Festival.

11. Rector's Palace - located on the main town square. This place has been the main seat of the city and island administration for centuries. From Venetian times until the first decades of the 19th century, the court was inhabited by a prince, and later by the city rector and judge-manager.

12. Slana Bay - this beautiful bay is located in the northwestern part of the island, along the edge of the Pag Gate, or the entrance to the Pag Bay on the Velebit side, and it can only be reached by boat.

13. Zrche beach - in 2002, Zrće beach was declared the most beautiful beach on the Adriatic, and today it is a world-famous gathering place for young people, famous DJs and parties.

With all these interesting places, one thing is for sure - you will not be bored on Pag. We wish you a safe trip and a pleasant holiday!


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