Zavala is a small picturesque place and port on the south side of the island of Hvar. It is known for its beautiful pebble beaches and untouched nature. Across the sea is the island of Shchedro, which is a real natural paradise. Here you can rest your soul and body by diving, swimming or walking.

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I loved my tour to this port. It has a rugged terrain. I had a wonderful scenic view of the inland from the waters. It was so spectacular. I really enjoyed swimming in its waters. The weather was so nice.
The view of this port from the waters was breathtaking. Its weather was perfect. I enjoyed riding a boat on its waters. It was so thrilling. Its waters are not deep. I loved this port
This place was the best for resting body and soul. I spend my time at the beach swimming and diving in the warm sea water. I jogged along the beach and are ice cream from the vendors at the beach. I loved my time alone.
The natural beauty of this place was magnificent. The Green vegetation was pleasing to the eyes. The flowers on the other hand emitted sweet scents that attract both humans and bees. I loved bring here.
I loved the raw and untouched beauty of this location, which gave it a picturesque ambiance. The pebble beaches were a nice place for relaxation and swimming through the cool water during an extremely hot day. I enjoyed my summer vacation here.
I enjoyed swimming through the crystal clear waters and enjoying a meal at the nearby eateries. This was quite convenient for the kids who were always hungry during the whole trip. It was a beautiful getaway and will do it again.
A walk on the beautiful warm pebbled beach and the warm air in the atmosphere was calming to the soul. From the beach one could see the view of the island of Shchedro which is insanely beautiful. I had a wonderful experience touring this place.