Ivan Dolac


The south side of the island of Hvar is a story about wine. All true wine connoisseurs (as well as those who like to consider themselves as such) should go on a wine pilgrimage to southern Hvar at least once in their lives. Ivan Dolac is a small place by the sea on the south side of Hvar. The road to Ivan Dolac is a bit challenging, but definitely beneficial for the body and unforgettable for the visitors.The closest to this exciting place is Zavala - a small fishing and agricultural village by the sea.

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The experience of going from one winery to another was great. I enjoyed the wine tasting activities in these vineyards and even bought myself some of the wines to enjoy later while relaxing.
I heard that this place was only about wine and i began my journey right away, i am a huge lover of wine. The place has a nice lighting in the evening and the view of the clear waters was very therapeutic for me
As a true wine connoisseur this was the best place to be. It was a privilege to taste some of the most tasty and delicious wines here. Wie also bought some as souvenirs to take back home.
I love the location of Ivan, it is located by the sea hence giving beautiful of the sea and the surroundings. I was able to exercise my body by taking a walk through the challenging road leading here and it was beneficial to my health. Will definitely come back soon.
I would recommend this place for all wine connoisseurs. It is a small town near the Island of Hvar. I really enjoyed swimming and diving in its waters. I also took a boat and it was a lovely experience. I loved every bit of it.
Located near the sea, this place has the wines. I really enjoyed tasting them. Sipping wine while enjoying the view of the sea was so epic. I loved it. The breeze from the sea was amazing. I really enjoyed spending time here
The wine produced in this location is amazing and of high quality. The best experience was touring the vineyards and learning about how the grapes are cared for and the organic production process of the wines. I bought a few bottles for my family.