The town of Jelsa has found its place in the middle of the island of Hvar, by the sea on the north side. It is surrounded by the highest island peaks; Nicholas on the west and Huma on the east. Just like the rest of the island, it has a beautiful rugged coastline with beautiful islets, bays and capes. Jelsa offers a diverse landscape - pine forests, vineyards, lavender fields, olive groves and crystal clear sea. There are also beautiful beaches. You can reach them on foot, by car or by boat. It is interesting that the only real sandy beach on the whole island is located only 2 km from Jelsa.

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The habour was clean, nice and well equiped for docking and the space was great for walking and nice venues around. I would love to come back some other time to visit.
The amazing history of Jelsa is fascinating with the churches that have great stories and evidences of the happenings. I also had time for a spiritual prayer that was relaxing and i had a cleansing of the soul.
The curches in Jelsa gave the place an amazing architectural ground with the lovely buildings that i stared at while i visited the place. Amazing place to be.
We are wine lovers and me and my fiancee at our vacation had the best time at the place and visited different vineyards and had the chance of having wine tasting at the differnt spots.
We visited the great resturants at the place and could not miss the delicious seafood freshly prepared and served together with other amazing diishes available for picking. We enjoyed and loved them all.
very good!!!