Island of Scedro


Along the southern coast of the island of Hvar is another small island Shchedro. Protected as a nature park, in its pristine beauty, with many hidden coves, it provides an intimate experience to every visitor and once you feel the charm of these quiet coves, nature and the bright sun on the crystal clear water, you will want to stay forever.

№79 in Islands of Croatia

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I was happy to pass through the beautiful nature park. It was a nice place I longed to stay forever. Island of Shchedro is a place to visit.
Our daventure to Island of Shchedro was fantastic. We were enjoyed the charming quit coves.So wonderful
I loved the bright sun and clear water of the sea in the Island of Shchedro. It prolified my feelings to a high end. Outstanding.
Island of Shchedro is a magical place. I was elated to rent a yacht to navigate on the sea with my friends.
Going to the Island of Shchedro was lifetime experience. We camped in the nearby fields since we were scouts who visited the place. Wonderful
What I loved about Island of Shchedro was sailing using the canoes. It was interesting and wonderful experience. Superb.
Visiting the nearby towns in Island of Shchedro was exceptional. We were thrilled by the old designed buildings that were still standing. Magical.