Soline Beach, Vrboska


One of the most popular beaches on the island of Hvar is Soline. It is a beautiful combination of a small pebble beach suitable for children, beautiful nature surrounded by pine trees, restaurants, bars and sports facilities, and of course that trademark of pristine water. It is a very romantic place and is used out of season because people walk on the empty beach in thought throwing stones into the sea.At the back of the beach there is a restaurant with a bar, which offers tourists the opportunity to spend the whole day in Soline, which many do. the main road to Vrboska and instead of turning right into the town on the new side, continue a kilometer further until you reach a pine forest and a parking lot.

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Spending time with family,playing games,catching up,swimming, how else would I describe a lovely weekend with family?This beach is family friendly and has the best restaurant services around Hvar Island.The fact that we didn't have to struggle to find a place to eat made this place more enjoyable for us.
Soline beach Vrboska is unique. Its floor has both small pebbles and white sand. I took my family and had a very good time there. The children found it very interesting since they had the pebbles to play with. The pine trees on the background makes the place even more attractive. Such a nice place to be!
The beach had these light pebbles and turquoise pure water. I loved the place because it was easily accessible and the entrance fee was free. Soline beach was also picturesque.
very good!!!
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