Church of the Fortress of St. Mary of Mercy


This is an amazing historical fortress which is also a church. The Church of St. Mary of Mercy is not the only historical church on the island of Hvar, but it is definitely one of the most impressive. What makes it so special is that it is a real fortress. Marija od Milosti is very unique in its design, which is a real rarity among European fortress churches.This church is the most beautiful and most impressive architectural area in Vrboska.During the tourist season the Church of St. Mary of Mercy is open from 10 to 12 and from 18 to 19 hours , but in the preseason you should announce a visit to the parish office.

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Šabotova kola 79, 21463, Vrboska


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very good!!!
Fortified church which is quiet and peaceful for not only praying but also reading books and enjoying the quietness of the place. The church is in the fortress and it spiced up our tour to the place and we really enjoyed the travel to the place. The building of the church has ana ancient touv=ch that gives its uniques touch and makes it attractive for many people. We toured around the place and climbed the tower and the moment was unforgettable. The view from the tower was phenomenal and worth the visit.
The architectural structure of this church was fascinating. It is a fortress and a church. It has a very unique style and the bell tower was astonishing.The view from the top of the tower was spectacular.
Carina Anna
We visited the church according to the guides time of opening an had the opportunity to take a tour on the inside of the church and it was mindblowing. The altar was amazing and had some little sculptures that looked beautiful and lovely to see. The structure of the church wonderful and had an ancient touch that makes it attractive. I would recommend a visit to the place for anyboduy and mostly crristians.
Rich Historical story of the church with amazing building and we loved the impressive fortress it sits on.
The high walls of the church, and huge bells. Very unique construcy=tion style that I had not witnessed anywhere else.
Wonderful views of the village from the top of the tower andamazing feeling climbing up the tower. The church has some rich history that is interesting and i enjoyed my tour at the place.
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