Malo Grablje


Malo Grablje, todays a deserted village which can be reached by walking from Veli Grablje, descending about 2 km by a dry line of streams or a new road from Hvar leading to the Old Town. Little Grablje is located above the bay of Milna, like a nest that was located inside a rock. It’s an amazing place that grabs someone’s attention because you might find stone houses and quiet cobbled streets built into the original natural setting.

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We walked from Veli Grablje to this deserted village. In the evening, a walk through the quiet cobbled streets helped me relax my mind.I loved the original natural setting of this amazing place. Will definitely come back.
I heard various stories about this deserted village and i planned my trip to down here. i had a wonderful experience and i took my evening walks in between the stone houses and cobbled streets that gives this place an attractive natural setting.
The place has rich flora and we enjoyed a little walk uphill to the stoned houses and some sculptures that highlight the marvel of the place. Remarkable views of the landscape and the bay from a higher point of the place and the ancient buildings of the village.
Walking to this place was an adventurous experience. Just built above the bay, Its view is impressive. I was stunned by its architectural design. I enjoyed going into its building. The stone houses and streets were really amazing
I loved this quiet town which was far from the usual noisy city. I window shopped and thereafter bought some jewelry for my mother.
very good!!!