Malo Grablje


Malo Grablje, todays a deserted village which can be reached by walking from Veli Grablje, descending about 2 km by a dry line of streams or a new road from Hvar leading to the Old Town. Little Grablje is located above the bay of Milna, like a nest that was located inside a rock. It’s an amazing place that grabs someone’s attention because you might find stone houses and quiet cobbled streets built into the original natural setting.

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My fiancee and I came here to enjoy a quiet time together. We are a lot of sea foods and sweet indigenous wine. Our alone time here was a cool experience.
The place was fairly quiet and relaxed, the stone houses were built very well in those days, the surrounding environment and village was also very good and the statue was also carved in a unique way, i loved being here
A walk along the cobbled streets in the evening was therapeutic. The streets are quiet and well lit ensuring one's security guarantee. The weather was favourable to us and the atmosphere lovely.
The stone houses built according to the natural setting is what got my attention. I loved the good work of the architects involved in building these houses which depict creativity in their construction. A small village made of wonderful people.
This place just stands out from its surrounding Its exterior is just eye catching. I enjoyed walking to this place. The view from the top was breathtaking. Its ancient architectural design in terms. The stone carvings were fantastic
I visited this place and I was impressed with its stone houses. It was a really unique site. I liked how the cobblestone pavements were built. From its architectural design and its structure one could tell that the place is so ancient. I was impressed by the stone sculptures on the streets.
The stone houses and quiet cobbled streets narrate the rich historical background of this location. I was awed to tour around this village and learn about the background history of each ancient buildings that have survived the test of time.