Zlatni Rat


Sutivan or Paradise Beach Zlatni rat is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatian coast, and also the most representative panorama of Bol. It was formed by deposits of fine gravel as sediment around the underwater reef, spreading like a small tongue as far as 500 meters into the sea. The very peak of the Golden War is constantly changing shape due to the influence of winds, waves and sea currents, making it different and often interesting. This place is a protected natural area and a favorite place for surfers and hang gliders from all over the world. Zlatni rat beach is only 2 km away from Bol. You can reach the beach by car or a 20-minute walk by the sea. During the summer months, a small tourist train goes to the beach every half hour, as well as tourist boats departing from the port of Bol.

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As a surfer, this was a haven for me, i went for surfing activities and enjoyed every moment while doing it as i enjoyed the scenic beauty of the beautiful beach.The pine trees provided us with the shades during the sunny afternoons and the atmosphere was lovely. I proposed to my wife under these pine trees.
I love visiting clean beaches and this coastline ticked all the boxes. It is adorned with umbrellas, chairs and pine shades where you can relax and recharge. i loved the crystal clear sea and the experience.
We enjoyed ourselves at the gravel beaches of the place with my friends. We also loved the many activities and were amazed by the cool breeze and the wind at the place. We went gliding and enjoyed ourselves to satisfaction.
This horn shaped beach is something I really loved. I enjoyed swimming in its clear blue waters. The beach is not crowded. My kids had an epic time playing by the beach. It was a wonderful experience
An amazing beach with pebbles welcomed us to this place. We had a nice quiet time and later swam in the cool sea.
very good!!!
Nice clean pebble beach with chairs,umbrellas and shades from pine trees. I went paddling and loved the experience at the crystal clear sea.