Donji Humac


Donji Humac is one of the oldest settlements on Brach. It is located on top of a hill, approximately 7 km from Supetar. Numerous stone houses, Roman mausoleums and statues made of Brač stone testify to the centuries-old tradition of stone processing. Local Church of St. Fabian and Sebastian dominate the village with its beautiful baroque bell tower. Numerous stone sculptures lie around the church - made during international sculptural symposia organized in Donji Humac.

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Donji Humac
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I had heard of the Sea Roman Mansoleams and the Statues made of Brac. I decided to come to this place to see for myself. They were more beautiful than I had imagined. I spent hours here admiring the statues and enjoying the cool breeze. I ate a lot of chocolate and ice cream from the local vendors. I loved it here.
We took photos near the numerous stone sculptures that lie around the church for memories. The sculptures were crafted with lots of creativity making us appreciate the good work of craftsmen and artists involved in their making. I loved to see the baroque bell tower of the churches around.
As design lover, I was thrilled by the architectural design of Roman mausoleum which testifies to the old tradition of stone processing. Despite being the oldest settlements on Beach, I loved how well maintained the important aspects such as church, stone sculptures and stone houses are. Rich in history that every visitor should learn.
The stone houses located in this town were really fascinating. I enjoyed seeing its the view from the top of the hill. It was really therapeutic. The historical statues and mausoleum were amazing. I learnt more about the history of this place.
This place is known for its stone statues. They are really fascinating. Seeing the art behind it was epic. I really enjoyed visiting the stone houses on the hill. The history and cultural heritage of this town was so evident.
The local church of St. Fabian and Sebastian is a beautiful scenery. I especially loved the baroque bell tower in this location. I toured the building and observed the interior decoration and it was a beautiful spectacle. I loved the church and how it had such cultural significance.
I learned that the old tradition of stone processing is quite predominant in this location. The numerous stone sculptors around the church made in the sculptural symposia, the stone houses, the Roman mausoleums, and statues made of Brac Stone all pay homage to the practice.