Bobovisca on the Sea


Bobovisca on the Sea is located on the west coast of the island of Brach in a beautiful bay that branches into two ports; Bobovisca on the Sea and Vichja luka. The port of Bobovishcha has always been attractive to sailing experts, and Vichja luka is interesting for its Illyrian and Greek places of civilization. The stone waterfront in the port of Bobovishcha is harmoniously accompanied by stone houses. The most beautiful is the Gligo family house from the 18th century, which is used today as a summer castle. Its imposing beauty dominates the place. The village is ideal for exploring its rich cultural heritage, its Roman and Byzantine archeological sites, and above all, enjoying its true hospitality.

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Charming place with a taste of the bays that give the beautiful look to it. We went sailing at the sea and the experience was unmatched. We had fun and were entertained all through as we sailed across the bay. Scenic sights of the landscape and unforgettable memories to cherish.
The history of the port is great at we had the chance of getting to know the marvelous history. Got to visit some archeological places and some historic sites such as castles that were amazing to watch. Lovely place that we had a tour around and we enjoyed the whole trip.
The natives are welcoming and hospitable and we enjoyed our time at the place when we visited the place. Awesome people and unmatched memories with some great time and good vibes.
Its a very glorious town. Boats excursions on sailing boats were available and we enjoyed the opportunity to experience the Adriatic waters. The views were just stunning!
My friends loved this town. We enjoyed taking bike rides in the mornings. The terrains are diverse and provide great views of the enchanting Bobovishcha. We already booked a return trip.
We had a memorable trip here. There were many restaurants that we got to dine at, and they all offered great seafood as well as a wide range of cuisines at affordable prices. We shall visit again.
It was nice vacationing here. The town offers great apartments and villas with great views of the sea. These villas were very beautiful and made our stay very interesting.