It is located in the largest bay on Sholta and is the youngest place on the island that gravitates to the central beach above which is a large apartment complex, which made Nechujam one of the most famous places on the Adriatic before the 1990s. With the construction of modern cottages and a tourist resort, Nechujam becomes a modern tourist place, but one thing remains unchanged over the centuries, and that is the name of the place itself. The Latin name Vallissurda or deaf bay comes from the very size of Nechujam Bay, which is able to hide every sound and turn it into a small whisper. Beautiful beaches on both sides of the bay and in the Nechujam waves and a long promenade will enchant you at any time of the year, and during the summer heat cool off in the clear, clean sea and relax in the shade of a pine forest. The beautiful nature makes this place a paradise that leaves no one indifferent. Once you visit this charming little place, you will be back forever.

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