The oldest and largest place on the island has always been just as it is now the economic and administrative center of the island, although the inhabitants were mostly limestone, farmers and fishermen. The center of the place consists of narrow irregular streets that enclose cottages, in partially fortified units with inner courtyards and taverns, and as such give off a rustic, old Mediterranean charm as you walk through these same cobbled streets. These valuable old examples of architecture contribute to the experience of an authentic island ambience, which is why it strives to be restored with the aim of preserving traditional island architectural values. The way of life on the island throughout history has been authentically presented in some scenes of the famous Croatian television series Velo misto, most of which was filmed in Grohote.

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very good!!!
We walked along the cobbled streets as we took in breathtaking gasps of the fresh air around. As an architect lover, i loved the medieval architecture of buildings , they offered a good spot for us to take pictures. We watched the way of life on the Island throughout history in the famous Croatian television series.
The village gives ancient rustic vibes. Its an old town. The streets are so irregular. I loved its ambience. It was so cool and relaxing. The cottages were so beautiful. It was a magical experience visiting this town.
Authentic place with a taste of the great architectural design and buildings throughout the area. The place has a great history that precedes its fascinating features. We visited the church and it was peaceful and had a beautiful architectural buildings that was awesome on the interior and exterior.
We had a lot of fun on this island the architecture of the buildings was so beautiful. This place has a cool old atmosphere and there are cute cottages.