The town itself dates back to ancient times, originated as a port to the central place on the island, Grohote. Even today, Rogach is the main and only port on the island, your starting point in whichever direction you direct your exploration of the island. At the time of arrivals and departures of ferries, especially in summer, Rogach is full of guests and locals rushing to their destinations. Thanks to the beautiful nature, beaches, central position and excellent transport links, Rogach has become a destination in itself. It is ideal for a vacation if you want to explore the whole island during your vacation, and yet have beautiful beaches nearby with crystal clear sea, nature and silence. Rogach is definitely a destination for those who want to spend their vacation in peace, without any worries, taking advantage of the natural beauty that the town offers.

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The view of the sea from our hotel's balcony was thrilling.I would watch the sunset with my fiance while drinking a glass of wine;the view of the disappearing sun rays on the sea surface was amazing. It was very romantic.
very good!!!
The infrastructure here is sick and of a top notch. The transport system is excellent and links the town to different places like the port therefore efficiency of people to travel from place to place. I would take my girlfriend with me during my next visit.
After walking on the warm sandy beaches, I loved sunbathing at the beautiful beaches on the sun lounger . The beach services were also a thing that caught my eye, the service rendered was satisfying.I had an amazing time.
The untouched nature was lovely and brought life to the place. The greenery acted as a perfect background for my pictures and videos that were my testimonials . I would love to visit this place again.
We arrived at the island using a ferry during the summer holidays. The clear blue seas made it favourable for my kids to swim and playing sea games at the shores. We had a lot of fun.
The clean streets and sweet aroma of food from the taverns welcomed me to this place. I enjoyed window shopping and buying fresh farm supplies from the friendly vendors at the local market. I loved being here.