Maslinica is the only settlement and port on the west coast of the island of Solta.On the south side of the Maslinica bay there is a beautiful landscape with a pine forest and hidden stone beaches, and in front of the bay there is an archipelago of seven islands (Polebrnjak, Saskinja, Stipanska, Kamik, Balkun, Rudula and Grmej). With its archipelago, Maslinica is one of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic. The natural significance of the olive grove is complemented by the historical-architectural and ambient values ​​of the old castle (which today is a hotel where you can enjoy carefree) and picturesque stone houses, rich flora and fauna.

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very good!!!
The adventures that we went on in this town are still fresh on my mind. We especially loved the boat excursions where we visited the beautiful blue lagoons and vast bays. We even took dips here. It was a terrific trip.
Maslinica is a very magical town. My buddies and I always visit this place to have fun. We love swimming on its beaches and basking while watching the enchanting sea waters views. The sandy spots are perfect for sand bathing. It's a lovely town worth a visit.
I always come with my husband to this town. I always look forward to the trip particularly because of the delicious dishes served here. My favorite is the fresh grilled white fish with vegetables and savory pasta. It's a very fabulous town.
There are lots of entertainment activities for the kids in this town. Apart from the beautiful open spaces where they can play uninterrupted, there are also sports complexes. My kids even got trained by professionals on the art of archery. It was a memorable trip.
I am a regular visitor to this town. I especially love tubing and river rafting in the majestic river flowing into the sea. The adrenaline rush as we race downstream always leaves me exhilarated. This is a nice place to have fun.
Maslinica is the perfect town to go hiking. My girlfriend and I enjoyed ourselves as we strolled in the beautiful pine forest. We also took beautiful pictures at the old noble castles. We fell in love with this heavenly town.