Srednje Selo


Srednje Selo is a small place, according to the earliest records originated in the Middle Ages and has no ancient continuity.It is located along the road between Grohot and Donji Selo and, similar to Donje, it was built on the gentle slopes of the northern edge of Sridnje polje. Today, the smallest and least populated place on the island of Sholta, was once the place of farmers, olive growers and vineyards who cultivated the land every day on the Sholta field that stretches below the place. Densely spaced stone houses and an abandoned old school tell of some bygone times when a large number of people lived in this place. Similar to other villages, irregularly arranged cobbled streets close residential complexes. Several complexes, among which Purtić and Lukin dvor stand out, have a significant ambient value and are a great place to immortalize with photography.

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This town is so ancient. I loved how its abandoned buildings are still in good condition. Its cobbled street could tell a lot about its history. I is s really good place for people interested in history. Its ancient abandoned state was so thrilling
very good!!!
The one thing that i loved most about my visit at the place is the tour at the vineyard. The guide through the yard was friendly and we had the best time getting to know the history as well as the process of wine making. We had the chance of wine making through the tour and it was enjoyable.
A walk down the streets of the place was one of the entertaining things and we loved the experience. Lovely houses and picturesque place with beautiful architectural buildings and structures. Nice complexes that were fun to visit and we enjoyed fully.