Okrug Gornji


Okrug Gornji is located on the island of čiovo, and is connected by a bridge with the city of Trogir, which can be crossed by pedestrians. It has an excellent beach that surrounds the bay around the bay. Choose a villa or apartment right next to the beach and you have access to restaurants, cafes, water sports and water taxis to the Old Town of Trogir! People of all ages and preferences can find something to their liking: relax on the beach, sit in a cozy cafe, dive or other water sports organized on the local beach or go on a trip to the nearest historically interesting Trogir or Split, as and other places.

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Okrug Gornji
4.5 (6 review)
Ciovo Island
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Okrug Gornji
4.5 (4 review)
Okrug Gornji
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Ciovo Island
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Okrug Gornji
4.0 (4 review)
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Okrug Gornji
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(11 reviews)
very good!!!
The beach here was amazing. We chose to relax on the beach on the first day. On the second day, we went hiking then later we relaxed, on the beach while watching diving contests organized by the locals. It was great being here. we
We were here with my family including our grandma and the most exciting part was the fact that this place offers a thing for everyone. Myself i went for diving as sports activity of my choice while the rest of the team went for a trip to the nearest historically interesting places in Trogir. In the evening we would relax in the cozy cafes for coffee.
We crossed the bridge to make our way to this magical place. On arrival, we entered the restaurant next to the beach and the staff were quick and friendly to us. The apartment that accommodated during the nights we spent here during our trip were neat and well organized.
This bay is full of watersports activities. It is quite busy but every moment I spent here was worth it. I enjoyed swimming in its water. It was a refreshing moment. I would love to visit this bay again.
My kite surfing experience here was amazing. I enjoyed every bit of it. The people here were also friendly. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to unwind and try new water sport activities.
The hotel where i slept in was near all the amenities i needed from restaurants,cafe and a good view of the beach. It was my first experience to board a water taxi and it was absolutely amazing, the ride was great and the tour successful