Church of St. carles Borromeo


The Church of St. carles Borromeo in Okrug Gornji was built in 1735, on the site of a former small church or chapel. It is a single-nave building with a rectangular apse and a bell-gable at the top of the façade. St. Charles of Borromeo has been celebrated since 1610 as a protector against the plague, for his help to the sick. Inside you can see the main wooden altar with a picture of Our Lady of Mount Carmel with St. John, St. Lawrence and St. Charles Borromeo. The painting is probably from the time of the construction of the new church since Our Lady of Mount Carmel began to be celebrated in this area at the end of the 17th century, as the protector of peace after the departure of the Ottomans.

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Put Sv. Karla, 21223, Okrug Gornji


(6 reviews)
very good!!!
The entrance in this church was quite ancient. The area was quiet and peaceful.
I loved meditating in this space. it was very peaceful and serene, the breeze was amazing and the grass was greener than any i had ever seen
Nice and clean building that the church has and it's peaceful for meditation and prayer. I loved my trip to the place and it was fantastic.
Its design was ancient. The paintings were old but spectacular.
I loved the art that filled the windows and partly some walls. Painting of biblical figures was an inviting factor about the location.
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