Church of St. Theodore


Today's Church of St. Theodore in Okrug Gornji was probably built in the 15th century. There is a cemetery around the church, and there is a window on the cemetery chapel that stylistically belongs most probably to the 6th century. Archaeological excavations under the church have revealed a layer of an older church. The last major alteration of the church took place around the 17th century, which is inferred from stylistic features. The oldest tombstone is from 1580, and on it are carved a hoe, a hammer and a billhook as symbols of the activity in which the deceased was engaged during his life. On the main altar of the church, there is a picture of the Mother of God with a Child, St. John the Baptist, Blessed John of Trogir and St. Theodore of the 18th century. Saint Theodore is shown killing a dragon, and below it is a view of Trogir and the island of Chiovo.

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Šetalište Stjepana Radića, 21223, Okrug Gornji


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