Kashtel Shtafilich


Kashtel Shtafilich is a settlement within the town of Kashtela and is one of the seven Dalmatian Kashtela in a row along the Kashtela Bay. It is located at the very end of the series, towards Trogir.

In the area of ​​Kashtel Shtafilich we find traces of a Neanderthal in Muja's cave. The Illyrians also left their mark, building forts in the area of ​​Bijach. In the area of ​​Resnik there was a Hellenistic port, in the same place the Romans built their port and founded a settlement of Roman
veteran Sikuli.

In the western part of Kashtel Shtafilich there is the Nehaj tower, which was built in 1548. began to build Ljudevit and Ivan Lodi. The tower was built to the upper thresholds of the first floor windows. The works stopped after the death of the Lodi brothers, and as they had no male descendants, the daughters and sons-in-law gave up the construction. The Nehaj Tower, although unfinished, captures the eyes of artists, poets and tourists. Sometimes at high tide it looks like it is sailing the sea.

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Kashtel Shtafilich
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Kashtel Shtafilich
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very good!!!
Kastel Stafilic has a good history and we visited the historical site at the place and explored the place and the experience was great.
The atmosphere at the beach is amazing and the sand with the view of the sea and the shades at the beaches are wonderful. Chances of swiming mid-morning are great and awesome.
We had an amazing time at the yatch as we were on a cruise at the sea with a good tour guide.
A tour to the waterfall is amazing and i enjoyed the trip with the tour guide informative and good. I was relaxed and refreshed.
I enjoyed the panoramic flight above the sea and land that was eye catching and the amazing view of the landscape and the beutiful place Kashtel Stari is.