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Kastel Luksic is known for the legend of a young couple, Miljenko and Dobrila, Romeo and Juliet from Kashtela, whose love, although crowned with marriage, ended tragically. This place is also one of the seven Kastels between the cities of Trogir and Split, and also the largest and central Kastel. The town is located in a very rich plain and was once called Kaštel Vitturi after the noble families of Trogir who developed it at the end of the 15th century. In Kastel Luksic you can see numerous cultural monuments such as the church of St. Ivan Birnja, Vitturi Castle, which houses the city museum, the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Vitturi Park, Tataglia Castle and others.The beaches of the Kashtela region merge into a 6 km long series of bays and bathing areas in the shade of pine trees and tamarisks. Every year from July 1 to August 31, the festivals "Kastela Cultural Summer" are held, which consists of 60 different events: theater performances, photo exhibitions, concerts of popular and classical music, folklore, sports competitions and various fishing and hunting festivals. Culinary lovers can enjoy these specialties in the restaurants "Adriatic", "Villa Cezar" and "Duje".Those who want a quieter holiday will enjoy Kastel Luksic, and those who want a more energetic time can visit nearby Trogir, Split and Omish.

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Kastel Luksic
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very good!!!
This place is dotted with cultural monuments and beautiful castles which I explored. The beaches were clean with shades of pine trees. I wanted a quiet holiday and I got it here. I watched people swimming and diving. I ate along with sweet ice cream and nice chocolate.
The love story was a heart touching one, i loved how the people here embrace their culture and history. They also have delicious cuisines and dishes which i loved eating. Kudos to this island
I was honoured to visit this place where legends of a young couple that I heard in songs were found, that is , Romeo and Juliet. We also visited the seven kastels and enjoyed every moment at this place. We involved ourselves in 40 out of the 60 different events held here, they made our trip here unforgettable.
There were numerous cultural monuments such as castles, churches and museums and we took a photo in every place for memories. We enjoyed swimming in the bay and even sun bathing under the shade of pine trees. I joined the locals in the concert of popular and classical music, the lively aura of the music was breathtaking.
The cultural and historical monuments in this town were numerous. Indeed it's a historical town. The Vitturi Castle was amazing. Its history was amazing and loved the cultural artefacts that they had put on display. It was in good condition.
This town has a really mesmerizing history. I was able to learn about their cultural traditions by visiting the Castle of Vitturi. It was a really educative trip. Their historical display was so fascinating.