Kashtel Novi


Kashtel Novi is one of the seven Kashtels, all of which constitute the town of Kashtela. Kashtel leaves the impression of a strong fort, but the adorned balconies and windows reveal its residential purposes. Kashtel Novi was founded after Antun Cippico, a nobleman from Trogir, built a fortified summerhouse in 1512, as well as a town for its peasants. While staying in Kashtel Novi, do not miss to visit and explore the historical towns of Split and Trogir.

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With so many hotels, villas and restaurants, it was so easy for us to choose what we wanted freely.
It was so touching how a dinner for two couples on vacation could easily be set on the beach with a romantic theme and chandeliers at my request.
Our photography skills were put to practice when we vacationed there with my husband. Almost everything we saw was worth a picture.
I could not stop watching as boats and small ships docked in the towns harbour, especially in the evenings. Boats drifting into the horizon is worth your time there.
Interacting with fellow visitors and some locals in the streets every morning is the best of all experiences in Kastel Novi. The clash of culture and accents makes you wonder.
We could not get enough of excursions to the ruins of ancient castles and learning some of their history.
very good!!!