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Kuzmanic Winery is a small family winery in Kastel Novi, not far from Split. The Kuzmanic family has been producing white and red wines for generations. The vineyard is located on the slopes of Mount Kozjak. The whole process from vineyard maintenance to harvesting and milling is done by hand. All family members are involved in all the processes. They produce four indigenous types of wine. The reds are Plavac mali, Crljenak and Babica, whiile the white one is Tribljan.
The winery is suitable for individual visits and visits of small groups. In addition to the classic tasting, there is also an interpretation tour with wine tasting, during which visitors get to know this area and the wines of the Kuzmanic family.

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This is the first winery that i saw the family joining hands in the processes of wine production to bring out quality wines. It taught me the importance of togetherness and the fruits that come with it. I really got inspired.
I visited the winery and found it to be a very interesting place. It was established in 1907 by viticulturist Stanislav Kuzmanić and still offers wine tasting events, dining experiences and small concerts among other things.
Tasting of the red and white wine produced by this family was an exciting experience. I bought three bottles of each for my family. I was also amazed with how the interior was greatly decorated. i loved it
The winery produces four types of indigenous wine which include the Plavac Mali, Crljenak and Babica( red) and Tribljan( white) and they are all good. We were also taken for an interpretation tour where we got to know the area and also the wines produced by the family. Wine tasting was an activity that i loved most here.
I loved the interpretation tour that was provided educating us of the family's wine. I learned a lot about wine production and types. and also tasting and sampling the different wines was a great experience
very good!!!
Just spend a day at the Kuzmanic winery and you will be able to experience everything that I saw – the amazing views from their vineyards, the new wine making technology and of course the great wine tasting.
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