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Kastel Kambelovac is one of the seven Kashtela, which make up the town of Kashtela. The settlement is located along the coast of Kashtela Bay, between Kashtel Lukshich and Kashtel Gomilica, and is located at the foot of the high hill Kozjak.Historically, the brothers Jerolim and Nikola Cambi - who were nobles from Split, built a castle on a small island in 1517 with the intention of protecting themselves and the inhabitants of nearby villages.Also. The castles of the Grissogono and Lipeo families were also built in the area of ​​Kastel KambelovacInterestingly, during February, carnival festivities are traditionally held in Kashtel Suchurac, Kastel Kambelovac and Donji Kashteli (Shtafilich, Novi, Stari). The tradition of these festivities in Donji Kashtela has lasted for more than 200 years. These rich facilities with local specialties and famous Kashtela wines always make the offer of the city of Kashtela attractive, and the friendly hosts are an additional reason for your arrival in Kashtela.

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Kastel Kambelovac
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very good!!!
My friends and I visited Kastel and had a really terrific time. I really enjoyed visiting the family wineries and was excited to learn about olive growing, olive processing, and wine pressing. The wine tasting experience was really great as the exotic wines tasted really nice.
I visited this town to experience its widespread fame. I had a fabulous sea view. I really enjoyed the food served here, especially the delicious seafood and tasty homemade bread. I can't wait to bring my friends.
Kastel Town has some really magnificent ancient structures that are charming to view. I really enjoyed taking pictures at the glorious castles and learning about their long history. I really found this town very relaxing and I recommend it to all
My husband and I visit Kastek town to have a restful vacation. After a hard year, Its always nice to take boat tours in the pristine clear Adriatic waters enjoying all the magical places. Swimming in the sea is always another highlight. I Highly recommend this town.
I and the girls visit Kastek town regularly to have fun in this phenomenal town. We always take yacht tours to the Adriatic sea and take in all the glorious views of the beautiful town. The guides are always super fun and serve exotic wines.
Kastel Town has some really amazing places to take walks and relax. I delighted in visiting the churches and admiring the splendid interior designs. They had nice gardens and comfortable seats where I could relax and enjoy the nice views. This is a wonderful town!