Kashtel Stari


Kashtel Stari is the oldest of seven small towns that belong to the city of Kashtela. It is situated on the attractive coast between Trogir and Split. The beaches of Kashtela Riviera are made of six km long bays and bathing places, covered by deep shade of pines and tamaris. We recommend Kashtel Stari for a family vacation, and the vicinity of Split, the tourist metropolis of Central Dalmatia, guarantees all kinds of fun and numerous places where you can go in the evening.

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The beaches at the town was among the best suited for our vacation. We enjoyed the great weather with stunning views of the bay and the landscape. Great pine trees that offered a good shade from the sun and the cool breeze that was relaxing for us through the time at the beach. Unforgettable moments to have during the spent time.
I loved the beauty of the vineyards which were planted neatly in rows. This place had a rich cultural and historical heritage which taught me a lot about it. I loved being here.
The coastline is beautiful with awesome beaches and the views are dazzling. The shade from the pine trees is awesome with great temperature for the summer. Best destination for my vacation with my family and we enjoyed every minute of it.
The bays were lovely with beautiful landscape that was awesome to take watch. We went on a boat cruise across the bays and it was fun and exciting. We had the guide to take us through it all and he was friendly and informative.
Evening walks along the streets of the town and the beach was therapeutic. The cool breeze was soothing and i enjoyed the sunset views at the town. Remarkable time with lots of memories that i had during my visit.
very good!!!
Me and my friends had an awesome time during our safari tour and mountain adventure that was across the Kastel Stari.