As soon as you land at Split Airport, the Kastela Riviera will be the first landscape in front of you.It is a typical Dalmatian village with numerous beaches, picturesque villages, between the blue sea on one side and the gentle slopes of Mount Kozjak, in the background.It includes a number of small villages along 25 km of coastline between Split and Trogir. This beautiful riviera has attracted people since prehistoric times. It has always been a favorite place, from ancient Greek sailors, Roman patricians, Croatian kings, Venetian rulers to today's tourists, sun and sea lovers.If you don't know, the name Kaštela means 'castle'. There are seven coastal villages, all built around 15th and 16th century castles. All castles were built by rich families from Trogir and Split, such as Antun Cipik, Koriolan Cipik, the Vitturi brothers, all from Trogir and the Cambi brothers from Split. Most of these castles served as summer houses, but also to protect themselves and the peasants fleeing the mountain villages towards these fortifications, during the Turkish invasions.Today in Kaštela you can enjoy sightseeing of these beautiful estates, swimming in the clear sea on the beaches, or you can easily head to nearby Split which does not lack curiosities, attractions and sights to explore.

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very good!!!
Amazing urban sandy beaches that are well-equipped with chairs and umbrellas that was relaxing and refreshing with the cool breeze and the moderate temperatures. Remarkable moments.
We took a walk around the town with my fianceeand visited the museum and the fortress and were amazed with the history of the place and amazing romantic place.
Swimming at the dazzling sea on the mid-morning hours was awesome with the warm temperatures made it more fun and spectacular. Relaxing and wonderful moments.
I had the chance to visit the olive tree field and enjoyed the sight on the old tree that dates back from time. It's survival is an inspiration and sits at a wonderful place.
I loved my visit to the church with big beautiful churches around and the architectural structure was eye catching with quiet awesome feeling.
The accomodations had perfect views of the beaches and the beautiful sparlking sea. We loved the services they offered and are welcoming people and we were comfirtable. I loved the stay and expereince.