Kashtel Suchurac


Kashtel Suchurac is one of the seven Kashtela, the first in a row from the direction of Split towards Trogir. It is part of the town of Kastela located along the coast of Kastela Bay. Kashtel Suchurac is also the administrative center of the City of Kashtel.

In Kashtel Suchurac there is the oldest defensive tower which was built in 1392. built by the Archbishop of Split A. Gvaldo to protect the peasants of the settlement Putalj, located on the slopes of Kozjak around the church of St. George. Through a series of additional interventions, the tower eventually became a seaside settlement as can be seen today.

For those who like an active vacation, the place is also the starting point of a marked hiking trail that leads to Vela stina, to the mountain lodge Putalj (480m), the path to the Vrata pass on the ridge of Kozjak and west to the church of St. Luke (690m).

The hospitable hosts will provide tourists who come to Kaštel Sućurac with comfortable accommodation, so in Kashtel you can enjoy your vacation, sea and sightseeing without worries.

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The walking trips to this town were nice. There are lots of interesting sights to see. I loved walking inside the fascinating forts. Very unique architectural styles and very quiet place to relax in. I left feeling very recharged.
I and my girls love coming to Kashtel suchurac. We have grown fond of its fresh and exotic wine. The wineries usually have a very affordable and enjoyable wine tasting experience. It always leave us reeling in its sweet sensations.
Kashtel suchurak is a very charming town. I loved taking walks in its nice streets admiring the ancient palaces. It was very quaint and I loved taking pictures. They still look so nice to date and arouse all my good memories of this town.
I highly esteemed this town during my visit. I always love ancient buildings and the ones in this town were very nice. The churches especially had an old Mediterranean architectural style that I have not seen before. its a very tranquil town.
i and my girlfriend have made this our go to place when we want to relax. A very beautiful and calm town. It has some of the most delicious grilled steak we have ever tasted sold in its nice restaurants. its always mouthwatering. I can't wait for the next vacation.
very good!!!
We visited kashtel suchurac as 4 couples and rented the luxurious villas that looked so elegant. Everything was perfect! from the spotless rooms to the amazing service. The balconies had stunning sea views especially during dinner. I recommend this place.