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Kastel Sucurac is one of the seven Kashtela, the first in a row from the direction of Split towards Trogir. It is part of the town of Kastela located along the coast of Kastela Bay. Kastel Sucurac is also the administrative center of the City of Kashtel.In Kastel Sucurac there is the oldest defensive tower which was built in 1392. built by the Archbishop of Split A. Gvaldo to protect the peasants of the settlement Putalj, located on the slopes of Kozjak around the church of St. George. Through a series of additional interventions, the tower eventually became a seaside settlement as can be seen today.For those who like an active vacation, the place is also the starting point of a marked hiking trail that leads to Vela stina, to the mountain lodge Putalj (480m), the path to the Vrata pass on the ridge of Kozjak and west to the church of St. Luke (690m).The hospitable hosts will provide tourists who come to Kaštel Sućurac with comfortable accommodation, so in Kashtel you can enjoy your vacation, sea and sightseeing without worries.

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Kastel Sucurac
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My stay here was so epic, I enjoyed visiting its defensive tower. The beauty of the structure was so mesmerizing. The hiking trail was so perfect. It led me to several near places. The view was so spectacular.
The defensive tower was beautiful. It is still in perfect condition. I enjoyed my stay here. Swimming in its waters is something I would live to remember. It was such a memorable moment.
The Mountain lodge was amazing. It sat on a well kept garden with beautiful flowers. I took a walk in the garden to admire the flowers and rare species of trees. I later watched the spectacular sunset while seated alone on a bench. This place is lovely.
The accommodation at this place was great. I had a room at a cozy hotel in the neighborhood. I enjoyed the hot traditional dishes prepared here. The cool environment was conducive for long walks in the evening. My stay was great.
I toured the Kashtel Suchurac building in this location and was able to learn a lot about it. It was built by the Archbishop of Split, Gvaldo, in 1392 and was used as a defensive tower. Over the years it has been transformed into a seaside hotel and I loved the diversity.
My friends and I enjoyed a hiking trail from this location through Vela stina, to the mountain lodge Putalj, and through the ridge of Kozjak and west to the church of St. Luke. It was a great experience.
We hiked our way to Vela Stina by following the marked hiking trails. The view of Kashtel Suchurac from the mountain lodge in Putalj is exceptional, the green nature was beautiful. Our tour guide was very helpful throughout the trip.