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Vuina Winery


Vuina Winery is located in Kastel Stafilic. The Vuina family has a centuries-old tradition of growing vines and producing wine. Their vineyards are located in the west part of the Kastela-Trogir vineyards, and have been owned by families since ancient times. The desire of winemaker Neven Vuin is to preserve the indigenous varieties of this vineyard. The wines were named Stafileo after the founder of Kastel Stafilic, of Greek origin. The surname Stafileo comes from the ancient Greek word 'staphile' (cluster of grapes). The entire Vuina family is engaged in the vineyard and production. They do all the work independently, so special attention is paid to each vine.
Wines can be tasted and bought in the winery.

№1 in 1 Winery from Kashtel Shtafilich
№1570 in 1804 Winery from Croatia

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