Stomorska, a village pleasantly tucked away in the northeast of the island is 12 km by road from the main port of Rogach.This small fishing village has only two hundred and fifty permanent residents, who can accommodate five hundred tourists in commercial accommodation in the summer. The lucky ones who belong to this group enjoy the island's hospitality, which further emphasizes the attractive old flair of a tourist place that offers everything a modern tourist needs.The sight of a picturesque waterfront, a beautiful beach and fishermen selling fresh catch in the early morning right next to a modern moored yacht, as if it had slipped from some Mediterranean postcard. The place is a perfect combination of opposites, old stone houses and sailboats moored just a few meters from them, fishing cabins, Dalmatian taverns and modern cafes that provide the perfect summer vacation.

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very good!!!
The town offers access to marinas where we got to enjoy nice weather and great views of the sea as well as other vessels. It was really magical.
There a lot of fun things to do here. We explored the ruins of Roman architecture in the town and this gave us a deeper understanding of the evolution of the town. We later went to the wineries to enjoy winetasting.
This is a spectacular town. I enjoyed visiting the fish markets in Stormoska where I got to see the wide variety of fish obtained from the Adriatic sea. I learned so much about the cuisine of the locals. The trip was worth it.
Stomorska is a fantastic place. The town has amazing beaches that are lively and enjoyable, where we spent many days sunbathing. I recommend it to all.
I loved taking a walk around the town due to the gorgeous views of the adriatic sea and the harbor especially in the evenings. The sunset views are just enchanting. Its a lovely town.