Gornje Selo


Gornje Selo is a small place located at just over a hundred meters above sea level and is a typical example of Mediterranean architecture that looks protectively at the rest of the island.Apart from the typical architecture, the ambient value of the village is the whole settlement with the church bell tower, which dominates in all views, even the sea one, seen from the Vis Channel.Due to the fertile field and the proximity of the bays on the south side, the inhabitants of this place have always been farmers, winegrowers, olive growers and fishermen.Today, walking through this small village of typical Dalmatian architecture, you can find originally renovated houses, a real Dalmatian tavern and an indispensable part of the tourist offer, family farms and an oil mill, where you can delight your palate with award-winning flavors of oil, wine, olives and liqueurs.

№519 in Cities of Croatia

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very good!!!
As a wine lover this place was ideal for me because of the number of fertile vineyards. I got ac chance to taste the wine from the cellars and true to the saying the oldest wine tasted better. I bought some to take back home with me.
The well organized vine and olive trees were a great sight. I took long walks amidst the trees enjoying the fresh air and listened to birds sing. I also visited the olive oil plant and had a great experience as I saw how this oil was manufactured.
Visiting the place gave me a new experience, apart from the beautiful scenes, tasting local produce of wine and olives ,to mention a few, made the trip, delicious so to say, a nice and new experience overall.