Supetar is the largest place and also the only urban center on the island of Brach. With a rich offer of accommodation such as hotels, villas, residences and apartments, with a variety of restaurants, cultural events and festivals, Supetar is one of the most popular places on the island. You can taste magnificent Mediterranean food in the many restaurants and traditional taverns. All this combined with various sports and recreational activities will make your vacation unforgettable. Also, if you want to visit popular tourist places on the mainland or sail to the island of Hvar or Vis on a day trip.

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My boyfriend and I loved this town. It has nice beaches with white pebbles. On a sunny day, the panoramic views of the sea are out of this world. This town is Simply the best.
Supetar is a magical town. My girlfriend and I had a nice time walking along its coastline. We later relaxed on the piers admiring the golden reflections of the sunset on the sea. It was breathtaking.
I and my friends love this town. The boat trips here are always thrilling and we later enjoy the delicious fish and shrimp prepared in the wonderful restaurants. A trip to this town is always a memorable experience.
Supetar is a fantastic town. Competing with my friends in water sports like kayaking was so much fun. We enjoyed the enchanting sea views. It was a nice trip.
We visited this town with my wife. We particularly enjoyed praying and admiring the iconic designs of the churches and the cathedrals. It was a peaceful moment of soul searching.
very good!!!