Sutivan, or as the locals call it-Stivan, architecturally, dates from Diocletian's time. The place was named after the small church of St. John the Baptist. Renaissance palaces, summer palaces in the Baroque style and typical Dalmatian stone houses make the place irresistible. Sutivan is known for its hospitality, numerous pebble beaches that offer peace and quiet, the scents of the Mediterranean and the crystal clear sea.

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We stayed with my family in Sutivan during our last year's vacation. The holiday homes were perfect and were just steps away from the beaches. The restaurants, shops, and supermarkets were just a few meters away. This is an interesting town.
I always go to elegant hotels on my trips and this town provided lots of options. The posh hotels had private beaches, nice pools, and breakfast at the sea was really nice. I will always visit this destination.
Sutivan is one idyllic place that is perfect for a relaxing trip. I particularly loved the wonderful waterfronts that I took walks admiring the vast sea views. The evenings looked so magical with the sun going down. it was perfect.
The beaches in Sutivan are to die for. There are some sandy spots and pebbled ones where you can bask and swim all day long. My small kids even had a terrific time playing games at the shore. I highly recommend it.
very good!!!
I enjoyed my vacation to Sutivan Immensely. Everything from the ambiance to the people was lively. Its old stone houses and majestic renaissance palaces were sights to behold.
We visited this town with my friends and what a time we had here. The lush garden parks were nice to have picnics and enjoy the flowers scents and beautiful surroundings. The trip left us flying high.