This small fishing village is located on the north coast of Brach island. Around the church of St. John on the Glavica hill there are small peasant houses and narrow streets that reflect its authentic Dalmatian ambience. What was once a fishing village, today is the perfect holiday destination for tourists from all over the world. With accommodation in hotels, rooms and apartments and the landscape of the nearby bays Lovrechina and Konopjikova, the village of Postira is a perfect escape. Restaurants and taverns with traditional Mediterranean cuisine and quality Brach wines contribute to the atmosphere.

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The night life at the village was superb as we visited several taverns and it was fantastic. We had some drinks for me and my friends and enjoyed the night out. The music played was great with people partying the night away in a special way. We had fun and would love to visit again.
This place had rare birds and being a bird lover, I spent hours admiring and identifying the various bird species. The experience was amazing.
We enjoyed our vacation at this place. We visited this place and we're amazed by the rich cultural heritage that we found. We went the museum and later to the calm fortress which was clean with we'll mowed lawns. We spent time admiring the fortress and walking around it.
The restaurants at this place served the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine. I enjoyed the nightlife here where I went to the disco to listen to the local band and had some great wine. I enjoyed my stay here.
My active vacation at this place was the best. I enjoyed hiking and trekking in the woods. I also went cycling town while enjoying cool fresh air.
I found this town very phenomenal. I especially loved the sunset kayaking. It was cool and relaxing particularly in the evening while enjoying the beautiful sunset. I recommend it.
My family and i loved the cycling adventure. We rode from the highest points to the sea side. In this way, we were able to explore the beautiful town. We then swam in the beautiful beaches. This town is just magical.