Praznica is a small village in the interior and also one of the oldest.If you like to dive into the rich cultural background, you must visit the religious sights that Praznica offers.The first place to visit is the local cemetery, ‘Cimatorij’. Then, there is a chapel where the famous Renaissance stone relief completed in 1467 is kept. It is said that this relief came from the workshop of the famous stonemason Nikola Florentinac. Finish your religious tour with the Church of All Saints, built in 1638, where you will find elements of the Romanesque-Gothic style from the 17th century.

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This town is ideal for religious tours or visit. My family and I had an amazing time visiting the local cemetery. We also came across the Church of All Saints. Its Gothic style was so amazing. I loved its architectural design
The cultural heritage of the place is amazing and when we visited the place we had the chance to tour around some of the lovely religious sites. We visited the churches and loved the architectural buildings that they had. The sculptures and altar were great for sight.
A trip to the cemetery was the best thing that happened to us on the tour. We got to learn the history of the place and the amazing structures at the place. Blissful day on the trip and remarkable time.
very good!!!