The village of Selca is located in the interior of the island of Brach, one kilometer from the coast. This Dalmatian village enchants its visitors with the art of stone building with a century-old tradition. The charm of the place stems from the fact that all the buildings here are made of Brach's white stone. The culture and tradition of stone masonry is visible in every corner, and especially in the numerous stone monuments that are exhibited all around the place. Near Selce there are two tourist zones: Punitnak and Ruzhmarin. Both consist of modern villas, holiday homes, rooms and suites that offer their guests an unforgettable vacation with the plus of crystal clear sea in the nearby bays of Radonja, Spilica and Zhirje.

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I have always loved this town. Being a food tours lover, a town will always mesmerise me if its food is top notch. Selce's restaurants serve very mouthwatering dishes. The grilled fish, black rissoto and octopus salad is the best you will ever taste.
If you ever visit this town you will be lucky for all the fun it offers. I personally love swimming in its clean beaches and taking walks along the shore. The panoramic views of the sea are very wonderful.
I and my bride enjoyed our honeymoon to Selca. Everything was extraordinary and the highlight was the boat trips to the sea. The guides were polite and showed us all the interesting spots. I can recommend this to all newlywed couples.
We always come here with my buddies. The majestic stones are always a sight to behold. The unspoiled nature here is perfect for hiking. Its a very charming town.
I brought my family to Selce and they had a fun filled time. We have been coming back ever since. We always rent the gorgeous country houses that give a very mythical and quaint vibe. This town always leaves me on cloud nine.
Selce is a sensational town. I always wanted to ride a scooter and my wish was fulfilled here. I rented one and spent my trip exploring the glorious surroundings. I still recall that trip like its yesterday.
I still reminisce about my vacation in Selce. but am lucky as i have nice photos that i took here. The waterfalls were some of my favorite places to take pictures at. I shall bring my family next week.