The village of Selca is located in the interior of the island of Brach, one kilometer from the coast. This Dalmatian village enchants its visitors with the art of stone building with a century-old tradition. The charm of the place stems from the fact that all the buildings here are made of Brach's white stone. The culture and tradition of stone masonry is visible in every corner, and especially in the numerous stone monuments that are exhibited all around the place. Near Selce there are two tourist zones: Punitnak and Ruzhmarin. Both consist of modern villas, holiday homes, rooms and suites that offer their guests an unforgettable vacation with the plus of crystal clear sea in the nearby bays of Radonja, Spilica and Zhirje.

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The stone masonry in this town is so popular. I loved admiring the stone houses and monuments. The White is such a unique object. They also have amazing accommodation facilities. I enjoyed my stay here.
The houses built in this town wer so unique with an amazing stone culture. It was so authentic. There were different stone sculptures and monuments, This says a lot about their traditional way of life.
The stone-art in this location is quite beautiful. I noticed that all buildings were built from Brach's white stone, which is not common in other places. I was curious to learn about the technique hence consulted some of the masonries in the area. I took various photo for remembrance and will visit again soon.
The bays in this location, Radonja, Spilica, and Zhirje, are adorned with crystal clear sea water. Spending my summer days along the shores of these locations was a revitalizing experience. I got myself a tan and well-deserved relaxation.
All the stone built houses are amazing and wonderful, the place was neat and jovial, the boat rides were cheap and full of joy i enjoyed my stay here and would very much visit this place once again
The stone monuments were outstanding, the puntianak is a great tourist zone, it has the best hotels for accomodation in the area and are affordable, you will definitely enjoy being here
Our honeymoon suite was very beautiful; it was very spacious, clean and met all our expectations as a couple. The view of the dazzling setting sun rays on the surface of the water from the suite was thrilling. We loved taking walks along the beaches.