Sumartin is a small place by the sea located on the eastern tip of the island of Brac, connected by ferry with Makarska. The village was founded in the 17th century, and differs from other places on Brač in speech, mentality and customs. During the visit do not miss to visit the Franciscan monastery and museum where you can learn more about the history of the island. Some of the curiosities you will see here are the valuable Venetian Baroque canvas, the handmade floor plan of the monastery and the religious objects.

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it was a delightful moment for me to learn the rich history of the small town. The village was beautiful on its own and i enjoyed ferry rides offered. Place to remember.
Being the lover of culture, it was so interesting having a look at how handmade pan were being made. After a long tour work from the museum, I relaxed along the warm sandy beaches while inhaling soothing breeze. A million organized place to keep visiting
I learned about the history of this place at the museum. It was well kept with beautiful old artifacts to see. Later we had snacks at the museum canteen. A nice trip indeed.
The Monastery had a wealth of information about the history of this place. Our guide who was knowledgeable and friendly told us much more than we knew. We were happy to be here.
During my visit to this town it was so amazing. I visited the museum. They had put several historical and cultural artefacts on display. The baroque canvas was so amazing. The guides were so helpful
When I visited this town, I really treasured the trip to the museum. It was a thrilling experience seeing all those pieces of historical and cultural artefacts. The guides were so friendly and nice.
This place had a rich history which I learned from the monastery and the museum. It was amazing to learn about this place from our guide. He took us round the museum explaining the origin and the existence of this place. I was pleased to have shared what this island boasted of.