At first it was a significant Roman anchorage and was named after Paul, a Roman who built his villa here. The place is known for its early Christian basilica, the remains of which are located next to the parish church of St. John the Baptist. This typical small Dalmatian place offers peace and quiet and is ideal for a family vacation away from the summer rush of major tourist centers. The place with many attractive bays is ideal for sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear sea. The most popular bays are Travna, Smokvica, Tichja luka, Tatinja and Luka. In addition to the extraordinary picturesque beauty and historical and cultural sights, it offers numerous sports and recreational activities such as diving, sailing or football. Numerous restaurants will take care of tasting fresh fish delicacies served with local wines. In 2003, Povlja received the title of the most beautiful small town.

№446 in Cities of Croatia

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My friends and I had a terrific time in this town. Its beaches were perfect. We really enjoyed swimming and basking. We shall visit again.
It's a magical town with lots of adventures. We liked the fact that we could rent a boat. This gave us all the freedom to enjoy our trip. The sea views and clear waters were breathtaking. I recommend this town to all.
We always bring our kids here during the summer. The kids love the sporting complexes and playgrounds. The pleasant weather allows them to remain outdoors as long as they like. It's a very magical town.
This town is very beautiful and it has classy restaurants. The seafood cuisines are to die for. They were delicious and freshly prepared. I loved the town very much.
We always come here with my wife. We really enjoy hiking in the hills, especially with our dog. We always connect with nature which is so refreshing. Its worth a trip.
very good!!!