The village of Zarace is located on the rocky cliffs on the south side of Hvar. At the foot of this small picturesque place are two deep bays with pebble beaches and large rocky cliffs-Veliko and Malo Zarace. The village has several restaurants that offer unforgettable gastronomic pleasure, houses on the coast for comfortable accommodation, and in addition to bathers, Zarace with its underwater landscape is an interesting destination for all lovers of the underwater. Zarace village can be reached by boat or car.

№395 in Villages and settlements of Croatia

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The clean pebble beaches are amazing and the turquoise sea gives the serene atmosphere to relax on afternoons with warm temperatures.
The boat cruise at the sparkling sea was amazing and we were entertained with the awesome music and the hilarious jokes from the guide.
We toured the beautiful coves and the bays with my family and the experience was unmatched. We enjoyed swimming at the dazzling sea and the warm temperatures were great.
The comfortable accommodations were amazing with awesome sight of the lanscape and the services were top notch. I would recommend it.
Breathtaking views from the romantic resturant that offers superb servives and delicious dishes and great wine. Unmatched gastronomic joy.
Sunsets at the place was great with panoramic views while on the evening walks was unforgettable. We had some few sgots of the time and they are marvelous.
We had a little dive into the beautiful marine environment and we enjoyed snokerling and the sight of the animals at the sea was spectacular.