Only 4 km from the town of Hvar on the south coast of the island of Hvar is the village of Milna. Situated in a sheltered cove with beautiful glistening beaches, the city’s distant hectic summer crowds are an ideal destination for a family vacation. There are 4 spacious sunny beaches in Milna, and it is known for its numerous restaurants that offer fresh fish, homemade olive oil and traditional Dalmatian specialties every day. Visitors to this typical Mediterranean village can enjoy an old-fashioned donkey ride, as well as recreational walks to the nearby abandoned village of Malo Grablje.

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If you are looking for a thrilling and adventurous experience, This is the place to visit during summer. The waters of its beaches are so clear such that one could see what's beneath. It was such a relaxing experience visiting this town,
Other than its beautiful clear waters, this village is a must visit. This village has plenty of historical sites and buildings. Its architectural style was so unique. There were donkeys available for a good and spectacular donkey ride.
I loved the availability of various physical activities and games that my kids would enjoy. My two sons loved the old, traditional donkey riding as I engaged in a walking race with my daughter. It was a great getaway for the kids as they got to recharge.
My fiancee and I enjoyed spending our dinner dates in the restaurants in this location. I enjoyed the fact that there were restaurants that offered traditional delicacies and I loved the traditional fish varieties prepared in the various location. I will visit again soon.
The beach was the favorite place here, i also loved the cocktails from the Tiki beach bar, they were so refreshing, afterwards i went to the restaurant and got myself a traditional dalmatian specialty which was top notch, what a wonderful place for a trip
The weather here was very friendly, i was able to tour the town on the old fashioned donkey ride, the food was great, also the buildings were old fashioned, same to the streets, my experience was one of a kind
The restaurant attendants provided quality services to the customer and were on time. The food from the restaurant are of great quality, tasty and delicious and they also have a breakfast buffet. The food was best accompanied with wine, great taste.