Guide for a day of island-hopping around the Pakleni Islands


You may have already heard that Pakleni Islands translates to “Hell Islands” or “Hellish Islands” and absolutely no translation was ever so mismatched. This set of small islands and islets just off the coast of the Hvar island looks and feels like paradise. Covered with low-growing pine tree forests, rosemary herbs, and an occasional olive grove, the shores of all the islands are full of bays, coves and beaches, larger and smaller, public or private, with great anchoring conditions.

While all of the Pakleni islands are accessible by boat we have chosen four to present to you for your island-hopping day tour and we hope you’ll have a great time exploring their landscape and enjoying their fabulous summer holiday offer. 


1. Galisnik Island

The first island you’ll hop to, located just outside of the port of Hvar, also offers the best view of the Hvar town. This is by no means all it has to offer: its fort and lighthouse date back to the 19th century, and since this islet is uninhabited you’ll be able to enjoy lots of privacy walking along its pine-tree covered shores.

2. Baterija Galesnik - Galisnik Fort

This fort was built by the Austrians in 1831 as a complex consisting of barracks, two mooring sites, a water tank, ammunition depot and a battery with six cannons. The ground floor was used to house about thirty soldiers at any given time, while the upper parts made a good observatory for monitoring the entire seaside of Hvar island. 

The islet’s lighthouse was built in the late 19th century. While the fort itself was used as a restaurant until recently it is temporarily closed, but in case you find it open, don’t miss to have a drink or a snack in this historical building.

3. Jerolim Island

Welcome to a tiny island that is the favourite destination of naturists. If you are so inclined Jerolim will impress you with its gorgeous pine-tree sheltered beaches and a shore that is a mix of pebbles and rocks. There are two larger beaches on the island, one on the north side, overlooking the town of Hvar, and one of the south side.

4. Kordovon beach

Voted the most beautiful nudist location by the CNN in 2011 this beach is a naturist paradise. It is equipped with showers and a restaurant.

5. Kordovon Beach Bar

Set among the pine trees just above the Kordovon beach this bar offers fantastic Italian coffee, a selection of cold beverages for refreshment on a hot day and dishes consisting of the freshest ingredients.

6. Restaurant Festina Lente

Located on the western side of Jerolim Island the restaurant Festina Lente urges you to make haste in the slow Dalmatian way and take a break to savour the gourmet cuisine of its Mediterranean menu. Seafood and home made pasta are the specialities here, topped with a stunning view of the island scenery.

7. Island Marinkovac

The most versatile of the Pakleni islands, Marinkovac is both a place of a great summertime clubbing scene and a place of lovely quiet beaches. Perhaps this is a perfect combination.

You’ll no doubt be lured to spend the entire day at the Carpe Diem Beach Club, but if you can tear yourself away have a stop at the Milni beach, the most romantic location in the area.

8. Milni beach

This lovely beach is actually a favourite romantic location in the area. Its azure sea, the sand-pebble beach, and the Mediterranean forest that surrounds it make for a wonderful spot favoured by couples. There is an outdoor restaurant right on the beach so you know dinner here will come not only with a great menu but an exceptional view, as well.

9. Stipanska Bay

This large bay on the southern side of the Marinkovac island is well protected from all winds except the southern winds, so if you check your forecast you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to anchoring. The sea bed lies at the level of two to thirty meters the farther you sail from the shore, and is covered with sand and algae.

10. Carpe Diem Beach Club

This beach club has only one intention in mind: to spoil you to bits. Its fabulous lounging area offers wellness treatments and a pool, and sunbed-furnished beaches. If you’re so inclined you can take up SUP paddling, volleyball, or any of the number of recreational activities offered here. After lunch time go ahead and have an afternoon siesta in the deluxe cabanas.

The club closes at 10 pm, but only because it needs to dress up for its night life, which starts at 1 pm and goes on till dawn. The Carpe Diem Beach Club certainly seizes the day completely.

 11. St. Clement Island

The largest of the Pakleni islands, St. Clement is a favourite with boaters since its bays are great for anchoring and it has a well-equipped marina, too. It is covered with lush Mediterranean vegetation of rosemary bushes, olives, aloe vera plants and the omnipresent pine trees. Its underwater word is rich in flora and fauna and the sea itself azure and crystal clear, which makes this island great for snorkeling.

St. Clement is not short on gorgeous beaches, with the Palmižana beach being the most famous one. Don’t miss to hop to St. Clement’s, there’s plenty for you to do and see.

12. Palmizana beach

One of the most famous beaches in the Hvar area, Palmižana doubles as a marina and as such is a favourite destination for boaters. Its entire cove is surrounded by a lovely pine forest and an abundance of Mediterranean vegetation. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around in case you want to have a drink or sit for lunch. If you don’t have your own boat you can use the taxi boat service on Hvar.

13. Restaurant Marina

The central dining establishment on Palmižana beach offers separate breakfast and dinner menus, so you can dine at any time of day here. Sea food rules the menu here, and you’ll be able to sweeten in with a selection of local and international red and white wines, as well as champagnes.

And in case you’d like to spice your sunset up with a Mojito or a Tequila Sunrise, you will find them included on the cocktail card.

14. Vlaka Bay

This bay, located on the northern shore of St. Clement’s island, becomes the center of festivities in late July, on St. Clement’s Day. Don’t miss to visit the Church of St. Clement, who is the patron saint of the island.

15. Church of St. Clement

This pretty church is dedicated to the patron saint of the island, St. Clement, and dates back to the 16th century. What it originally looked like we can only guess since it was rebuilt in later decades of the 19th century, to memorialize the Battle of Vis in 1866 and the sinking of the Austrian war ship Graf Radetzky three years after the battle.

16. Perna beach

If you are looking for somewhere more private and slightly removed from the summer crowds, you’ll find Perna beach is just that kind of a place. You’ll easily be able to see the sea bed here because the water is crystal clear, and thus perfect for snorkeling. Its landscape is slightly rugged, made of rocks with just enough flat areas to leave your beach towel, and full of pine trees, which means you won’t have to worry about natural shade.

17. Tarsce Bay

You absolutely have to visit this bay if you’re a snorkeling fan. This area is abundant in underwater flora and fauna so the seabed is covered with a variety of shells and sea urchins, and you’ll very likely be swimming with the fish and quite possibly be greeted by an octopus or two.

This is a great place to arrive to by boat, and is said to be an excellent location to anchor for the night, when it is particularly lovely and quiet.

18. Stari Stani Bay

This larger bay consists of two coves and whichever you choose for swimming or anchoring you will have chosen well. You will find the same beautiful landscape here that adorns the entire coast of Pakleni islands. There is a charming little restaurant on the shore, blending into the Mediterranean vegetation with its thatched roof and outdoor terrace space. 

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The guide was very useful. The Galicnik Island in this location is a spectacular view. I toured the fort and the lighthouse in this location that I learned were erected in the 19th century. I loved how there was privacy with little interruption. I enjoyed connecting with nature in this beautiful location.
I vacationed at jerolim Island and had a lifetime experience. The beaches had pine shelters just as suggested in the guide. I sun basked in these relaxing stations while enjoying my favorite book. I will visit again with my cousin.
The history of the place is interesting and we had the opportunity of visiting some cool and amazing historic sites including Galicnik Fort. Picturesque place that we enjoyed every moment at the place thanks to the wonderful guide that led us to it and also some of the places on it.
The Kordovan beach was the best place to be at this time when I needed a break. Thanks to the guide I was able to enjoy my stay here walking along the beach and swimming.
The seafood and the homemade pasta were delicious. We enjoyed ourselves at the Restaurant Festina Lente the guide assisted me and I found this place.
My fiance and I hired a taxi boat at Palmizana Beach that we used in the sea from which we marvelled at the beautiful ambience added by the pine forest to the cove. In the evening we had an amazing romantic dinner at a restaurant on the Island and she really loved it. All this couldn't happen without the help of the well informed guide.
I needed to go for an alone vacation. I found Galicnik Island from the guide and fell in love with the place. It was quiet and the beautiful vegetation calmed my nerves. I enjoyed the delicious food at a tavern and had a stroll in the evening. I felt energized when it was time to go back. Thanks for the hiker.