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The central square of Hvar, or Pjaca, is the largest square in all of Dalmatia. Originally a deep bay, and later the area between two fortified towns, Grode in the north and Burg in the south, it was filled up over the centuries until it took on today's dimensions. It was initially wider than it is today, but due to the lack of space inside the fortified town, houses are being built in the northern part of the Pjaca, in front of the city walls. The square was completely paved in 1780.

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Impressive architectural buildings that we witnessed when we visited the square and we enjoyed the tour and the history of the place. We took pictures of the square and they were superb
I enjoyed my visit to the place was superb with buildings that are great and beautify the place. It also has a church that surround the place and diversify the square with the amazing architectural buildings that are located at the square. The square is well lit at the night and shows superb organization of benches on the park and arrangement of trees. Refreshing and relaxing time at the parks i enjoyed feeding the birds at the park. I also loved the dishes offered at the restaurants.
The time we spent here with my family is a precious memory to us. My kids loved feeding the pigeons and crows. My wife on the other hand was delighted by the arrangement of the trees and benches around. My brother who is a design lover was fascinated by the exterior design of the Square especially the Concrete bricks. Myself i was amazed by the beautiful buildings around this wonderful place and the vast square.
This square is right next to St. Stephen's cathedral, it is a perfect spot to sit and watch people. It is quite busy and it has restaurants, cafes and shops. I sat here while I was waiting for the church to open, it was a nice chill spot and meeting point.
very good!!!
Amazing landmark with beautiful buildings glittering the wonderful place. The streets are awesome with wonderful people and I loved the visit to the square.
I loved the exterior design of the location. Concrete bricks and culturally-inclined buildings. It was a wonderful experience touring the location.
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