Zarace Beach


Below the old abandoned hamlet of Zarache, located on top of a rock (from the sea resembling a pirate's nest), there is a beautiful deep bay with a large pebble beach.
For lovers of underwater marine life in this part of Hvar are very interesting picturesque areas. There are several restaurants here. You can come here by car or boat

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Place Type

public beach


Island of Hvar

Place Location

21450, Hvar


(13 reviews)
This has to be a heaven for lovers of marine life! It was easy to access the beach by boat and see the amazing pebble beach. the blue waters made the deep bay even beautiful to look at before jumping in the water. The restaurants were also amazing and looking at the beach from the view of the restaurant is just breathtaking! beautiful both underwater and above. Would totally recommend
It was an exquisite experience to go diving into the crystal clear water of this beach. It is by diving that I discovered that there is life in the marine. It was heavenly to have a scope of the creatures under the water.
We arrived here by a car, on arrival, the picturesque areas created a good backdrop for us to take photos as memories. The several restaurants around were clean and well maintained, food served in the restaurant was fresh and in the right portions. Affordable delicious meal are found here.
We visited the turquoise sea around the beach in the afternoon though it was not easy to find. The quietness and atmosphere the beach and was perfect for relaxing. The bars around served very fine wine and good food.
One of the interesting things about the beach are the restaurants that we visited and enjoyed the delicious well prepared meals. The pebble beaches were awesome with scenic views of the sea and the great weather. I loved how the beach was not crowded as we had the chance to go swimming and on a boat cruise too.
very good!!!
Engaging in frisbee games was more than fun. My classmates who visited the beach were very happy making fun on the beach.A lifetime experience.
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