Jagodna Beach


Somewhat more separate and private excursion area (13 km from Hvar to the east). There are several restaurants and guesthouses. It is possible to get here by car, and it is a great place for a family vacation.

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Place Type

public beach


Island of Hvar

Place Location

21450, Hvar


(7 reviews)
This beach is rather private and therefore not crowded. It is a good place for excursions. The rocky terrains offer for a great privacy which is much needed if you want some alone time away from crowds.There are restaurants where you can get some really nice meals and of course the guesthouses. it is a place you can come with the whole family to visit.
After the long day went to a restaurant where we were delighted to meet the amazing chef who made us a delicious cherry pie. The toilets here are sparkling clean that one can even have a meal there. Such a lovely place.
We had a visit to the beach with my family and enjoyed the comfortable guest house that we booked for our vacation. The restaurants had amazing menu with freshly cooked delicious dishes that were tasty. Unforgettable moments to cherish.
A couple retreat with our partners at this private beach was worth it. The guest house we booked in were so comfortable. A walk around the island was so romantic made us fall in love all over again.
We arrived at the beach using a rental car and the road network here is impressive which makes it possible for people to access every part of the beach. The beach attendants were friendly and provided personal service. A great place.
very good!!!
very private and clean beach, ideal for relax
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