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Skala beach is located in a small tourist place Sveta Nedilja on the island of Hvar. The beach has an interesting appearance - on both sides it is shielded from the public eye by the deposition of large stones and rocks. Above the beach there is a promenade from which you descend to the shore, which is covered with small brown pebbles and pebbles. The entrance to the sea is gentle, shallow and suitable for all ages. Not far from the beach there is a beach bar where you can find refreshment, and since the center of Sveta Nedilja is close, there are other coffee bars and restaurants with delicious food. There is not too much shade on the beach, so be sure to protect yourself from the sun. Also, there are no additional contents or props, so take everything with you.

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Island of Hvar

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A beach for anyone just looking to have a swim and relax in the summer, this beach has a shore overed with brown pebbles and a suitable entrance to the sea for everyone. There is a beach bar close by for refreshments with additional joints in the nearby city center. It is advisable to carry some sun protection and everything you may need during your visit.
Strolling along the beautiful promenade, while taking in the ambient and serene tranquility of the open waters was exhilarating. I often found myself wondering how deep the waters could go. Evenings in this location is breathtaking, watching the sun set and the chirping of crickets.
Decided to take a trip with my friends. We were always chilling at the beach bar especially in the evenings after touring the town. If you love history then a visit to this town will be great and a stop at the old monastries.
very good!!!
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