Piscena Beach


This excursion place is located 8 km east of the town of Hvar. With its light pebble beach and dense fragrant pine forest provides a vacation to remember. Also, there is a restaurant nearby, and from the port of Hvar are organized daily excursions, so this beautiful place is accessible to visit.

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Place Type

public beach


Island of Hvar

Place Location

21450, Hvar


(4 reviews)
Before Christmas I decided to take my children to Pischchena beach. True to the many praises I got from people about the place, it is very favorable to young children because of the pebbles it has and the restaurants around had great and delicious foods.
Pishchena didn't have a lot going on which was the ideal place I needed to channel my creative side. I was able to relax on the beach and enjoy the shade from the fragrant pine trees which just brought a sense of calmness to my body.I enjoyed the food in the nearby restaurant and would totally visit the place again for some alone time.
The East town of Hvar have this beautiful beach called Pishchena. This is a place I don't regret at all spending a weekend. the beach have small pebble stone of different colors making it just beautiful. Majority of of the people come to watch the beautiful sun set. the pine tree behind the beach makes the beach feel clean and fresh.
very good!!!
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